Vestibular Assessment and Rehab Treatment (VRT) – Vertigo / Dizziness

Vestibular Assessment and Rehab Treatment

“Vertigo” and “Dizziness” are commonly seen problems/symptoms that can prove to be very debilitating for a person. Such symptoms often go hand-in-hand with a feeling of loss of balance, nausea/vomiting, muscle tension and reduced activity or fear of doing normal everyday things, impacting on quality of life.

There can be many causes for these symptoms and the first port of call for anyone experiencing them should be to seek medical advice. If no underlying medical causes/conditions are identified then the problem may be that the ‘Vestibular System’ is not working as it should be.

The Vestibular System

Located in the inner ear, it senses and controls movement of the head. It provides information to the brain along with information from our eyes, muscles and joints. The brain is our balance organ and uses this information to control our balance. A disturbance in the vestibular system for any reason can lead to all the symptoms listed above.

Vestibular Assessment and Rehab Treatment

As part of this treatment the client will be thoroughly assessed to determine the history and nature of the symptoms, and the level of disability they are causing. The assessment will also include physical examination and specialised screening to try to isolate where the dysfunction lies.

The treatment itself – vestibular rehabilitation – will be tailored to the individual and will usually comprise of specific gentle manoeuvres in clinic, along with a home exercise program to help restore balance and alleviate symptoms.