Lymphedema Therapy

Lypmhedema is swelling that can occur in the body when there is a problem with the lymphatic system.

Your lymphatic system serves a key function in keeping all of your body tissue healthy. Amongst other things, it provides drainage in the body that helps keep a steady fluid balance. If this one-way system is interrupted it can cause a slowing down of fluid (lymph) flow leading to build up/swelling in different parts of the body.

The lymphedema may be due to primary or secondary causes;

Primary Lymphedema is an inherited condition, occurring in women more often than men. It may occur in one or both sides of the body. It can manifest at different stages in life.

Secondary Lymphedema is at risk of occurring as a result of the following;

  • Post-operative where lymph nodes have been removed
  • Post radiation therapy in cancer treatment
  • Post-operative (e.g. after plastic or venous surgery)
  • Post-traumatic (e.g. trauma which leads to injury of large lymph collectors such as open fractures, burns, wounds)
  • Post-inflammatory (e.g. rheumatic diseases, sinusitis, recurrent phlebitis)
  • Post-infection (e.g. recurrent cellulitis, inflammation of the lymph vessels, inflammation of lymph nodes)
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Lymphedema Treatment

Once Lymphedema has been diagnosed the treatment for suitable candidates will usually involve the Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) approach. Depending on the individual case this may include;

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage – to promote lymph flow and redirect where required, helping to reduce swelling
  • Compression Therapy – (This may include compression bandaging and/or prescription of a compression garment)
  • Exercise Advice – to promote lymph flow
  • Skin Care Advice – to reduce risk of infection

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Lymphedema or Lipedema

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