Complete Care Physical Therapy

At our clinic we specialise in the areas of both Physical Therapy and Lymphedema Therapy;

Our services include;

Physical Therapy; for assessment and treatment of common pain-causing conditions such as; Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sports Injuries, Postural Issues, Headaches, Nerve Pain, Arthritic conditions

Within the area of Physical Therapy we also specialise in Vestibular Rehabilitation Treatment (VRT); for Vertigo/Dizziness. We offer specialised assessment and treatment of clients with ongoing benign ‘vertigo’ or ‘dizziness’

Lymphedema Therapy; for assessment, treatment and management of swelling in the limbs and other body areas following surgery and/or radiotherapy for cancer treatment, or due to other reasons that have resulted in a disruption of the lymphatic system

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD); for treatment of range of conditions that benefit from this specific technique, including; swelling in the body following trauma, surgery or inflammatory conditions.


We specialise treating Lymphedema including Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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Physical Therapy

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